ATOS Trio: B. Smetana - Piano Trio in g-minor, op.15, complete - live in...

Bedrich Smetana - Piano Trio in g-minor, op.15
00:00-12:03 I. Moderato assai
12:04-20:45 II. Allegro, ma non agitato
20:46-29:45 III. Finale.Presto
Written as a deeply personal expression of his emotional turmoil after the death of his 4-year old daughter Bedriska, Smetana´s only piano trio also became one of the very first pieces of chambermusic in a distinct Bohemian musical style - with dance and melodic elements of folk music - breaking away from the AustroGerman tradition. 

Recorded live at Wells Cedars Hall on October 16, 2016 as part of BBC Radio 3's Big Chamber Weekend.

Annette von Hehn, violin
Stefan Heinemeyer, cello
Thomas Hoppe, piano