Carl orff -Carmina Burana /Koninklijke Chorale Cæcilia HD
This is a product that you can achieve with different people who have a heart for film, and it may be said the result may be seen therefore
thanks again to Leo De Borger to the initiative and the co filming, and the cameramen André Van Rompaey - Freddy Van Bulck - Constant Biscop - Freddy Longueville - Roger Torfs - Jean Averals - Willy Verhasselt and Antoine Luyten.
This is a Production of Multimedia'97 from Niel Submitted by Antoine Luyten - Multimedia 97 Niel

Carmina Burana Carl Orff Singel Antwerp 2011 - Antwerp 2011 Stadsschouwburg
Conductor: Paul Dinneweth
Choir: Royal Chorale Caecilia Antwerp - assistant: Peter Maus
Voice Coaching: Kristien Vercammen
Royal Gente Oratorio Society - Conductor: Jan Vuye - coaches: Tom Van Der Biest - John De Wilde.

Beauvarletkoor Kokzijde - Conductor Griet De Meyer
Children's Music Wilrijk - Conductor Marleen Willems
Orchestra La Passione Lier - Vera From Eyndhoven - Concert Master: Wietse Beels - Hilde
from times

Soprano: Martine Reyners - Tenor: Philip Defrancq - Baritone: Joris Derder
Camera: Leo De Borger - Antoine Luyten - Freddy Van Bulck - André Van Rompaey - Constant Biscop - Roger Torfs - Jean Averals - Freddy Longueville - Willy Verhasselt
Sound Director: Dirk Goetseels
Mounting: Antoine Luyten


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