Georg Friedrich Handel's 1730 opera Partenope marked an anomaly in the composer's catalogue, with its overtly comic overtones. It tells of the rivalry between two princes for the marital hand of Queen Partenope, the founder of Naples, Italy - and the various complications that ensue. Though rarely performed after the early 18th century, Partenope experienced a much-publicized revival in 2008, thanks to the joint efforts of the Royal Danish Opera and the Concerto Copenhagen. That production appears in this release; it stars Inger Dam-Jensen in the title role, Andreas Scholl as Arsace, Christophe Dumaux as Amindo and Tuva Semmingsen as Rosmira. The Concerto Copenhagen provides musical accompaniment under the baton of maestro Lars Ulrik Mortensen, Francisco Negrin directs for the stage, and Louis Désiré did the sets and costume design. Nathan Southern, Rovi