12 de abril de 2017

Bach Cantata Service 巴赫清唱劇崇拜 HD


A special evening service incorporating a cantata and choral music of J.S. Bach in the context for which they were written. Featuring Bach's music such as: Cantata No. 78, Jesu, der du meine Seele, and motets Lobet den Herrn and Ich lasse dich nicht, along with congregational chorales and organ preludes.


Harmony Chen, soprano
Chia Wee Kiat, counter-tenor
Felix Suen, tenor
Caleb Woo, baritone
Wendy Yuen, organist
David Chin and Esmond Lim, conductors

in collaboration with Resonance Chanter. Hong Kong Baptist University Christian Choir, Chinese University of Hong Kong Christian Choir, and Bach Festival Chamber Orchestra

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